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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The New Muppets Movie

I just found out today that on November 23, 2011, Walt Disney Pictures will release a brand new Muppets movie. When I first heard this, I fucking flipped, I mean, I fucking LOVE the Muppets.

For those of you who have avoided The Muppets thinking that they're silly toddler's fare, then you need to get off your fucking petistool and watch yourself some Muppets. The Muppets were goddamn genius and there's tons of adult humor thrown in the show that little kids would never catch. Jim Henson had a very subtle sense of humor and he jam packed episodes with pop culture references, social satire, and parody. 

But then I began to ask myself, can the Muppets still work in today's modern movie climate? They're so represntative of the late seventies and early 80's, which is emexplified by their very topical humor. I don't know if the modern kids movie-goers can accept the Muppets nowadays in a childrens movie market essentially dominated by CGI animated films.

Also, today's Politically Correct parents might not feel comfortable showimng this to their kids. The adult humor that makes the Muppets so great might be offputting as it goes over any kid's head. But fuck the kids. This movie is being made by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, the guys who made "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", so it appears Disney is going for more of a teenage adult audience, where its appropiate enough for kids to come and watch if they want. I think that's the way to go with this subject matter, so hats off to Disney for not trying to pander, we're getting classic Muppets.

But there's still the issue of The Muppets being a symbol of their time. Well, the movie actually seems to get around that really well, by having all The Muppets gone their seperate ways in the past 20 years and its up to Jason Segel to get them back together. Yes, this is a "getting the old team back together" movie, but thats the only real way to approach this, so I think that's a good move. A Texas Oil Tycoon is tearing down the Muppets theatre to drain, but if Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and their friend Walter, described as "the biggest Muppet fan ever", can get the team back in business and have the greatest Muppets telethon ever to raise ten million and save the Theatre, then the Texas guy is fresh out of fuckin luck.

I like this plot. It sounds very typical, but this sounds like the world the Muppets operated in during the show. If they had put the Muppets in a realistic universe, it would've seemed out of place and out of canon with what came before it.

So, as you can see, I'm fucking pumped. 

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