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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Godzilla vs. Gamera Movie Pitch

Yeah, I know the title says Godzilla vs. Gamera, but there's a shit ton of others.

Okay, the movie starts out with a bunch of explorers coming back to tokyo with a haul: a 160 ft tall ape called Kong. They put him in captivity and he becomes a tourist attraction.

Meanwhile, Godzilla's still in hibernation with his son underwater from Final Wars, but then, something wakes him up. It's Gamera. Godzilla and Gamera have a big fight, and basically, it's pretty even, but Gamera grabs Godzilla's son and flies off to monster island.

Cut to Mothra's twin fairies. They're talking about sending Batra in to destroy Osaka because they have a weather plant there that's causing pollution. So Batra goes in and starts fucking shit up in Osaka for a change, but goes too far, so the twin fairies call in Mothra to take his ass out. Mothra is flying there, but then she gets intercepted by Rodan, who emerges from a mountain. They have a fight, and Mothra wins, so she flies to take out Batra.

Meanwhile, we meet these aliens, you know, the guys from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla the original who turn into apes, and we learn why Gamera is being a bad guy, he's in the aliens control.

So anyway, back on monster island, Gamera lands with Godzilla's son, who tries to escape, but Gamera finds him and blasts him with his fire. Godzilla finds his dead body on monster island and chases Gamera back to Tokyo where their epic brawl begins.

Back to Mothra and Batra. Mothra flies in and her and Batra have a little fight, and Mothra's winning, but then Rodan shows up and fucks everything up. Mothra and Batra team up against Rodan, but then Rodan kills Batra and flies away.

As expected, King Kong escapes and goes on a rampage. I'm thinking of having a scene where he climbs a small building and takes down some army jets, you know, to reference the classics.

The twin fairies contact Mothra and tell her to go to Tokyo to stop all the destruction Godzilla and Gamera are causing. She flies there and tries to get involved, but Godzilla gives her one blast and she's down.

Ok, so the aliens are pissed Gamera's getting his ass handed to him, so they send down Gigan and King Ghidorah to help out. After Gamera retreats, the two of them take on Godzilla, and, Godzilla's getting beat down pretty bad, but then King Kong and Anguirus show up and help out, they kill Gigan, Anguirus dies, and Ghidorah retreats. King Kong remembers Godzilla then they start to fight.

The twin fairies are in despair because Mothra is dead, but then they find an egg of her's on Monster Island that hatches a new Mothra in larva form. The twin fairies decide to send it in to take out Ghidorah.

So Rodan flies into Tokyo and bumps into Ghidorah, where the two have a big fight, but Ghidorah kicks his ass. The larva form of Mothra finds Rodan's dead body, and goes to to fight Ghidorah.

You remember where Godzilla and Gamera had their water battle? Well, Godzilla's cells rubbed off and combined with sea plants to form an new Biollante which attacks Tokyo.

In between all this, Godzilla, Ghidorah and Gamera are destroying shit. King Kong is lost in the daze of the battle so he starts fucking shit up too.

So, this race of underground people is pissed that all this shit is going down on ground level, so they send up their monster, Megalon, to throw a shit fit. He finds Gigan's body and repairs it, with the chainsaws instead of tentacles from Final Wars. The two of them go to defeat Godzilla, but then they run into Jet Jaguar, who gets his ass kicked. So they find Godzilla, who wrecks Megalon, but then he has to fight new Gigan. Godzilla has a big fight with Gigan, and he just barely wins.

So the aliens create a second Mechagodzilla and send him in to defeat Godzilla, but Godzilla and King Kong team up and kick his ass.

Mothra shows up to fight Ghidorah, but she blasted once, and gets the fuck out of there.

Remember those mutant soldiers led by that guy with the mustache and samurai sword from Final Wars? Well they're back. And they make a plan to storm the alien ship and break their control over Gamera and King Ghidorah. Mustache man goes up to his office, but the building gets attacked by Biollante, so he whips and samurai sword and starts cutting off Biollante's tentacles, but then, Gamera and King Ghidorah show up and kick his ass. Mustache man gets out of there and the mutant team heads for the alien spaceship.

Ok, remember the weather experiments in Osaka that are causing pollution? Well that pollution forms a second Hedorah who flies in, but Godzilla finds him and kicks his ass. This is where Godzilla meets up with Mothra, who has grown to full Mothra size, so Godzilla and Mothra go in to fight Ghidorah, but Ghidorah kills Mothra, so Godzilla goes to meet up with King Kong.

The Mutant Soldiers storm the ship and blast away at the aliens, but then the doors slide open and there's like, a million fucking aliens there, so they spread out and have a big laser gun fight.

King Kong and Godzilla show up to fight Gamera and King Ghidorah. King Kong takes on Gamera and Godzilla takes on King Ghidorah. King Kong starts out beating Gamera, but then Gamera uses his fire breath on him, and puts him down for he count. Godzilla and King Ghidorah have a pretty close fight, but Godzilla wins out. So now it's just Godzilla and Gamera, and they have a HUGE FIGHT. Godzilla's doing okay, but then Gamera knocks him down. He's about to take him out, when, with his last ounce of strength, King Kong knocks down Gamera, giving Godzilla time to get up and recuperate. Gamera gets up and hits Kong with the fire breath, and takes him down for good. Godzilla blasts Gamera and the two go at each other like al hell. It's a close battle, but Godzilla beats Gamera just as the mutants break the aliens control and detonate their ship. The movie ends with Godzilla going back to monster island.

You can thank me later.

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